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CV tips

The importance of your CV cannot be stressed enough! Your CV is a reflection of you on paper. It is the first impression a potential employer will have from which they will base their decision on as to whether to choose to further your application.

Your CV should be approximately 2-4 pages long and both the content and layout should be of the up most importance.

Layout: Keep the layout simple, clear and east on the eye for a prospective employer. Making sure the format is consistent throughout the document. Avoid boxes and colour designs – keep it professional, neat and concise. It is advisable to send your CV in a word document that is legible on all computers therefore avoiding messy reformatting when the reader opens it. Bullet points and lists are recommended so that potential recruiters can quickly see your achievements at a glance. The more concise and to the point the better.

Content: Ensure you include all relevant details in order for us to match you for the perfect role. You may be the best candidate with the most relevant experience for the role but if this isn’t indicated on your CV you may not even get an i/v. Do not assume the reader knows what is entailed in your day-to-day life or what achievements you have succeeded at so spell out your experience.